Side Vents or Centre Vent?

One question that comes up often is whether side vents or a centre vent is the better choice.
The simple answer is that there is no right or wrong answer, both are perfectly acceptable and you won't make a mistake opting for one over the other. 
Personally, I used to be a big fan of single vented jackets. My earlier suits for myself  all had a single vent. This was until I tried a double vented jacket at which point I was converted. The benefit of a double vent is that it gives the back a really sharp cut and emphasises the shape into the waist which is very flattering.

That said, a single vent still looks really good when cut well. It needs to be kept longer than you find on most ready to wear and cut with a little spring to it so it has a little movement and doesn't splay apart when you stand.

I think it is always best to go with your gut instinct. If you like the idea of a single vent, go with it. Let the tailor work out how to make it look best for your figure and the overall style of the jacket.

Double vents are considered a little more formal. Single vents come loosely from riding wear, where the single vent allows you to ride a horse without the jacket riding up etc. So it has a slightly country and casual connotation. This can look good when teamed up with a cloth that is more formal as you get the interplay between the two styles.
With a double breasted style jacket, you have to go with either a double vent or no vents style back. A single vent with a double breasted jacket both breaks with convention and frankly just looks awful. Which is why no-one ever does it and why you shouldn't either.
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