New Menswear Collections

The new menswear Autumn / Winter collections are out and there's colour and tailored suits everywhere.

The most conservative of the fashion pieces are suggesting grey as a key colour for the season. Lighter greys with texture; think flannels, herringbones and city tweeds.

There are also hints of 50s styling, some double breasted suits, wider lapels and single breasted suits with double breasted lapels are all big.

There's also some flamboyant colours and brocades for those who need to stand out.

As a bespoke tailor, I specialise to a large extent in 'timeless fashion'. The clothes I make for you will never be out of style.


To a great extent it's all about balance. Keeping everything in proportion with your body. With bespoke it is the cut that is striking, the hand sewn detailing that subtly speaks quality and luxury, not the 'in your face' fabric or 'demand your attention' lapels.

With bespoke the value is in the workmanship, the one of a kind creation made just for you, not just in the label.

That said, I think it is a mistake that most tailors make to assume we are above fashion. Not to take an interest in clothing fashions and be aware of the trends leaves you out of touch. Just because my clients are looking for quality and not one season fads, does not mean they want to be served by a tailor who doesn't know what will hit the mark on contemporary style.

My clients want to be well dressed in well made, beautiful garments. Timeless... but not out of date.

If you want to see a quick overview of the latest collections, click here.

And if you thought my prices were expensive; it seems you can spend a lot more, for a lot less.

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