The good don't always die young...

He was 82 when I met Henry in the workshops of No.9 Savile Row.

It was this old gent who taught me how to sew, properly. And a phenomenally good teacher he was too.

Which should have come as no surprise considering both his father and his father's father were tailors too, and that he made his first suit when just 8 years old. His 74 years of experience gave me a great start.

Savile Row used to be full of these old masters - I was lucky enough to have been taught by 3 of them.

Sadly, a whole generation of the greatest craftsmen are gone, but their skills live on in a handful of young(ish) men and women like me.

In time, I hope to pass on my skills to a new generation too, but for now, I need to build my business so I can take on an apprentice and be part of creating the Savile Row Tailors of the future and make Henry proud.

By ordering a suit from me, you'll be investing in British craftsmanship, helping create a future for Savile Row tailoring and getting a garment with heritage and beauty, the likes of which are unrivaled the world over.

 If you would like to commission me to make you something, getting started is easy, just send me an email to to find out more.

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