Is your bespoke suit a soggy sandwich?

Soggy Sandwich
Some people think a sandwich, is a sandwich, is a sandwich.

But, what do you think?

Or how about; A suit, is a suit, is a suit; or even; a Savile Row suit, is a Savile Row suit, is a Savile Row suit?

A few years back, a few of the tailors in Savile Row set up the Savile Row Bespoke Association, with the aim of protecting the Savile Row name from low class tailors.

Sadly, I believe, they set the quality bar far too low, which has meant many more tailors are able to confidently claim Savile Row levels of quality based on their criteria.

I am not a member and neither are many of the other Savile Row tailors I have most respect for. I believe quality speaks for itself. Focus on that and the reputation will surely follow.

But what's all this got to do with sandwiches?

For a Chicken salad sandwich to qualify, it only needs Bread, Chicken and Salad.

But what of the bread?

Is it preservative filled, thin sliced and tasteless? or Organic stone-ground, hand-baked this morning, artisan loaf?

And the Chicken?

Low-welfare, battery-farmed, reformed meat? or Free-range organic, corn-fed, butter-roast breast?
Without even going into the type of salad leaves, the relish, whether it was freshly handmade or factory packed, I think you get the idea.

Which would you rather eat? Which you rather be seen eating?

And in just the same way - Not all Savile Row tailors are equal.

If you would like to know what the best do, just send me an email. I would love to come and see you and discuss making you something really special.

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Best regards,

William Westmancott

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