A Fishy Tale...

A local shop recently started stocking fresh fish. It came in fresh from the sea each morning before being packaged up ready for sale. The trouble was, nobody bought it.

That's great, William, but why are you telling me?

Well, here's the thing, the problem wasn't that the customers didn't want fresh fish; they did; they just didn't believe that it was fresh fish.

Okay, but why does this matter to me?

It turns out that the packaging didn't look right. Despite the label that said is was fresh, and the sign they put up that said "Fresh Fish", customers just didn't believe that the fish was fresh, simply because it didn't look fresh.

And, So?

When they stopped putting it in polystyrene trays with film covering in the chiller cabinet and displayed it open, on a bed of ice, like they do at the fish market, the sales went through the roof.

I don't mean to be rude, William, but why should I care?

Because presentation matters! Whatever you do, especially if you deal with clients, you need to make sure your packaging makes you look right, or you may find they just don't quite believe in you as they should.

Presentation is important:

Men notice. Women notice. People can tell a good bespoke suit at glance and that first impression is supremely important.

If you want some help making an impeccable presentation of yourself, I would love to make you something truly remarkable.

Commissioning me to make you something is easy, just send me an email to william@williamwestmancott.com to find out more.

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