My Fake Van Gogh Painting...

Several years ago, in a time before kids and when I was still working as a cutter for Dege & Skinner on Savile Row. I bought a reproduction of Van Gogh's 'Cafe Terrace at Night'.

It's beautifully hand painted in oils and rich in texture and colour.

In fact, if it wasn't hanging in our living room at home, but in an exhibition gallery, you would have to be quite knowledgeable to be able to tell the difference.

I say this, not to gloat about our beautiful fake, but to help make a point.

As well as making Fully Bespoke garments, I also offer a Semi-Bespoke level of tailoring.

It's often hard to explain the difference in a meaningful way, but we all love a good metaphor...

If Fully Bespoke is the Van Gogh original, then my Semi-Bespoke is the excellent hand-painted reproduction. Made-to-measure (often called semi-bespoke or personal tailoring elsewhere) would be a professional art print, and most cheap tailoring, a mere

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